• Fall Brings Change to Everything, Including Interior Design

    Fall Brings Change to Everything, Including Interior Design

    Fall is a time of change, and it inspires change in all of us that manifests itself in so many different ways. We change the way we dress (sweater weather, new boots, and jeans), we change the way we eat (squash, apples, and spice), and the way we want our homes to look and feel also changes. Some of these changes are functional–we need to dress in sweaters and boots because of the temp drop–but some of them are simply inspired by the desire to change with the season. To start afresh. I think what so many of us love about fall is that it’s both charged by warmth–the summer sun is still on our skin and in rich, sun-drenched rooms; the leaves look ablaze with reds, yellows, and oranges–and by cool as well–the temperature drops and evening comes a little earlier. So what’s a good way to change with the season and at the same time make a change that will outlast the season and still be relevant at other times of year?

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    It think it’s important to keep two kinds of change in mind: permanent and temporary. The permanent changes should be investments–something you’re willing to spend more money on because you feel they’ll stand the test of time. Some examples of permanent changes are: reupholstering furniture, making custom furniture, wall paint and wallpaper, and redesigning entire rooms (especially having to do with appliances [eg. new stove] or new hardware [new countertops, new cabinetry). For these kinds of changes, even though you’re inspired by fall, be sure to choose neutral color palettes. If you’re psyched about rich fall colors, perhaps use things that could translate to spring and summer as well. Be sure to balance light and dark, and keep explicit fall patterns for more temporary changes. Light browns, slates, soft bricks, and sage greens can be fall-inspired colors that transition into other seasons as well.

    For temporary, or at least less permanent changes, you have more leeway to go wild with your fall decor. With window treatments you might be comfortable switching them out every two seasons (so you might have one kind for fall/winter and another for spring/summer), or you might be willing to “go naked” in certain months, that way your window treatments would only have to be appropriate for whichever season you’d like them up. Rugs are another way to make temporary changes. I like to go with an antique rug like the one pictured above, then swap it out for something brighter come spring. Pillows are also an easy way to transform your home decor for fall, and they can be easily switched out whenever you like. The important thing is to indulge your inspiration. You need to do less thinking ahead for temporary changes, and for the big ones, take your time–fall can work its way in, but be sure to accommodate every season.

    How do you indulge your need for a fall decor change? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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