• Choosing the Upholstery Fabric to Suit your Lifestyle

    Choosing the Upholstery Fabric to Suit your Lifestyle

    When we talk about upholstery and reupholstery projects, we typically focus on the aesthetic effect–we want it to look good. But it’s also really important to consider how you’re using that piece of furniture, and how your lifestyle might affect its appearance and longevity. So by all means begin with what appeals to you visually, then consider how it might work in your home.

    These are the three lifestyle factors I think everyone should consider when choosing fabric for upholstery:

    1. Kids. Children are wonderful…and messy! It’s really no fun to have to ban children (or anyone for that matter ;) from using a particular piece of furniture in the home. So it’s probably wise to avoid: white or very light colored fabrics (as these will show every spill and smear of dirt), and delicate fabrics like many silks and suedes (these don’t do well with even small spills or oils–from sweaty basketball gear or post-snack fingers–because they don’t like soap or water, thus making a tiny little blot-up job nearly impossible.
    2. Pets. Let’s face it, regardless of how much we’d like to keep our pets off of our furniture, our constant companions have a way of earning their spot on our couches as easily as they won a spot in our hearts. They’re messy too! Even if you have indoor cats who aren’t tracking in mud from outside, they will still shed all over your lovely furniture! Dogs can be rough and tumble. In addition to dragging in dirt and muck from outside, they have a tendency to inadvertently scratch as they leap on and off of furniture. To avoid the pet hair issue, choose a fabric in the similar color to your pet’s coat. To avoid the wear and tear of larger pets, choose a durable fabric–some wools are great, as are (surprisingly) heavyweight leathers, and heavyweight woven textiles are often the best of all.
    3. The Room’s Function. It’s important to understand how you’re going to use the room when choosing a suitable fabric for upholstery. If you live in a home of only adults without pets, and you’ll be using the room for quiet, messless activities, then you’re just about free to choose whatever fabrics you want (though I do warn against certain fabrics like dyed leathers and silks that spend a lot of time in direct sunlight). But if it’s a room where you might snack in front of the TV, or a place where you do art projects, or entertain guests with wine, then maybe you’ll consider choosing your upholstery fabric carefully. I often think patterns are a great way to hide small stains or blemishes (and many textiles do well when spot cleaned carefully) so they’re versatile for all kinds of upholstery needs.

    Considering your lifestyle when choosing upholstery isn’t meant to limit your options, but better understand how to make the piece as beautiful and functional as possible. Below is a small sample of recent upholstery work that we’ve done. Many are patterned, as you’ll notice;) We’re also thrilled to be carrying a whole new line of Laura Kirar fabrics, too. Feel free to post questions, fabric inquiries, or feedback in the comment field below. We’d love to hear from you!






  • Home Interior Design for the Holidays

    Home Interior Design for the Holidays

    As interior designers, we see an explosion of business before the holidays, which is always a very exciting time for us. Customers allow us into their homes and entrust us in making interior transitions (some large, some small) worthy of this important time of the year. It’s not too difficult to understand why the holidays spur  an almost sudden desire to make interior design changes. Some key motivators are:

    1. The holidays fall during colder weather. Colder weather drives us indoors. We spend a lot of time hanging out and entertaining inside in the fall and winter months, and it’s no wonder that after being in back yards and front porches all summer, the turn to indoor activities has us seeing our home spaces anew…and evaluating what we’d like to alter or update.
    2. The holidays mean a huge surge in company. Anxious hosts and hostesses want to make sure their home decor is comfortable, welcoming, and stylish. Very few things will inspire you to entertain like a major interior design change.
    3. The holidays, are of course, a time of sharing and giving, and amidst all that giving, it feels good to do something nice for yourself. Making sure you’re excited about the space in which you live is an excellent way to treat yourself.

    There are a few interior design changes we feel are particularly suited to the holiday season. Here’s a short list of what they are and why we think so:

    1. Reupholstery or upholstery. Why? Well there’s nothing cozier than a perfectly upholstered piece of furniture. The right padding and fabric can transform an uninviting seating area into a great place for everyone to hang out and enjoy each other’s company all day.
    2. Window treatments. Why? They’re a great way to make a huge stylistic impact in your home without doing a major labor intensive, and extremely costly, project. So when you feel the itch to redecorate around the holidays but you only have a few weeks, window treatments are the way to go.
    3. Pillows. Why? Pillows are great because they’re one of the few interior design changes you can make that is entirely holiday-specific. It’s cost effective enough to have a few throw pillows that are just for the holiday season. So if you want deeper earth hues like forest greens, rusts, and mustards, but you don’t want them all year round, that’s OK. You can change them out every 4–6 months without much hassle.

    How does the holiday season inspire your home decor? Let us know in the comment field below!

  • Why Upholstery?

    Why Upholstery?

    We’re a fabric and custom furniture store, so we’re upholstery enthusiasts by nature. We’re proud to spend so much of our time transforming furniture to suit the needs and aesthetics of ourselves and our customers. There are so many reasons to love upholstery. Here are just a few reasons why we think upholstery is the lifeblood of personalized interior design:

    1. The easiest way to achieve a personal touch in your furniture is through fabric. Of course there are tons of variations in design and structure for each piece of (non upholstered) furniture, but the easiest way to personalize furniture is to have it custom upholstered. Upholstery adds color and texture to decor, and the fabric possibilities are just about endless. You can make an assertive statement with bold patterns (above) , or you can go with a neutral color in swanky fabric (below) for a versatile and luxurious look. You can vary texture  (linen, raw silk, cowhide, suede, heavy cottons), and ultimately, you can change your mind down the line. While we recommend upholstery that you’ll want for a very long time–get high quality, durable fabric and use an upholsterer who knows what he/she is doing  (ahem!)–there’s no reason you can’t change as much or as little as you want.

    2. Upholstery adds COMFORT to your decor. It doesn’t really matter if something looks good in your home if it isn’t functional or comfortable. And there’s nothing like adding layers of cushion and fabric to a hardwood piece of furniture to make it more comfortable. Upholstery also works to protect furniture and ensure its longevity. Again, there’s nothing like adding layers of cushion and fabric to making sure furniture doesn’t get scratched, worn, or scarred.

    A craftsman in our Lenoir facility lays the foundation for a custom upholstery job.

    3. Upholstery creates interesting profiles and shapes to your home decor. If un-upholstered furniture is a tree in winter without its leaves, upholstered furniture is that same tree in full foliage. Touches like decorative nailhead trim (below) and buttoning can change the line of a piece of furniture to make it a much more dynamic player in your home’s interior design. Upholstery can soften hard edges and bolster the piece’s size for an impressive profile.

    What do you love about upholstery? Include links, success stories, pics, dream pieces in the comment field below! And for those of you who don’t already know, we’re having a huge sale right now, so we might be able to make your upholstery dreams come true! Visit the home page for details.