• Small Business Saturday! How do you Celebrate Local Designers?

    Small Business Saturday! How do you Celebrate Local Designers?

    In the afterglow of Thanksgiving arrives the madness of holiday shopping frenzies. Big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart have black Friday (dare we recall the horror stores of years past), and online retailers like Amazon have Cyber Monday deals with offers like free shipping. For the past two years, following American Express’s hugely successful original campaign, small businesses have Small Business Saturday. Call us biased (we are!) but we think it’s the best of the three. Because it’s in the immediate wake of Thanksgiving and looking toward the winter holidays, we really feel it’s the event that most relates to the spirit of the holidays; that is: giving back to our communities and reaching out with open arms and hearts. While we understand that Small Business Saturday is commercially, not charitably, motivated it’s still a way to participate in the betterment of your community. Small businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy and the birthplace of the American dream. And think about it, all you have to do is shop! Small businesses typically offer small batch goods–ensuring you’re getting something well-made and sometimes locally sourced (certainly so in our case!). So you’ve got nothing to lose! Get out there and support small businesses on Saturday. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing you!

    Below we’ve posted a few images of recent custom work–all of our custom furniture is made in North Carolina using the best local natural resources, and of course, is made by the most skilled local craftsmen.

    Like what you see? Check out our services and come have a chat with us this Saturday!