Home Interior Design for the Holidays

Home Interior Design for the Holidays

As interior designers, we see an explosion of business before the holidays, which is always a very exciting time for us. Customers allow us into their homes and entrust us in making interior transitions (some large, some small) worthy of this important time of the year. It’s not too difficult to understand why the holidays spur  an almost sudden desire to make interior design changes. Some key motivators are:

  1. The holidays fall during colder weather. Colder weather drives us indoors. We spend a lot of time hanging out and entertaining inside in the fall and winter months, and it’s no wonder that after being in back yards and front porches all summer, the turn to indoor activities has us seeing our home spaces anew…and evaluating what we’d like to alter or update.
  2. The holidays mean a huge surge in company. Anxious hosts and hostesses want to make sure their home decor is comfortable, welcoming, and stylish. Very few things will inspire you to entertain like a major interior design change.
  3. The holidays, are of course, a time of sharing and giving, and amidst all that giving, it feels good to do something nice for yourself. Making sure you’re excited about the space in which you live is an excellent way to treat yourself.

There are a few interior design changes we feel are particularly suited to the holiday season. Here’s a short list of what they are and why we think so:

  1. Reupholstery or upholstery. Why? Well there’s nothing cozier than a perfectly upholstered piece of furniture. The right padding and fabric can transform an uninviting seating area into a great place for everyone to hang out and enjoy each other’s company all day.
  2. Window treatments. Why? They’re a great way to make a huge stylistic impact in your home without doing a major labor intensive, and extremely costly, project. So when you feel the itch to redecorate around the holidays but you only have a few weeks, window treatments are the way to go.
  3. Pillows. Why? Pillows are great because they’re one of the few interior design changes you can make that is entirely holiday-specific. It’s cost effective enough to have a few throw pillows that are just for the holiday season. So if you want deeper earth hues like forest greens, rusts, and mustards, but you don’t want them all year round, that’s OK. You can change them out every 4–6 months without much hassle.

How does the holiday season inspire your home decor? Let us know in the comment field below!

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