Color Palettes and Interior Design

Color Palettes and Interior Design

One of the most exciting parts of making interior design changes in your home is choosing a color palette or color scheme. It’s a great starting point, and when done properly, a well chosen color scheme can:

  • Enhance feelings of health and well-being. It’s no secret that color can affect our mood, so it’s a great idea to have the right kind of color vibes going on in your home. Choosing color palettes that are relaxing and soothing is often a great idea for bedrooms, and cheery color palettes can be wonderful for kitchens and entertainment rooms.
  • Make a room feel warmer or cooler. If you’re in the deep south, your sun room might benefit from cooling slates, grays, blues, and whites for a refreshing icy feel. If you’re in Maine, warm hues like rust and yellows might make for a cozy, warm living space.
  • Illuminate dark areas. Got a room with few windows? Bright colors–whites are great–can help give the illusion of more natural light.
  • Create mystery and romance in boring areas. That small dining area off your kitchen kind of a dull space? Want to make it a great hangout for adults?  Try deep eggplants or bricks.
  • Energize stagnant-looking rooms. Want to turn that back storage room into a home office? It should be a vibrant, inviting place to work! Choose a color scheme that stimulates you. The below color scheme adds warmth and energy to this living room: 


We love working within a specific color palette for several reasons:

  • Adds structure/offers a solid framework for interior design changes. If you know what color scheme you’d like (warm and toasty like the picture above) then you’ve done a ton to narrow down upholstery and window treatment options. It’s a great starting point.
  • Sticking to a strict color scheme can actually be very freeing! Within a given color scheme you can explore many different pattens; the color offers a unifying element so you’re freer to explore more varied patterns. There’s no reason you can’t have striped, floral, and various prints in the same room, especially if they’re tied together within the same color scheme.
  • You can choose a color scheme then break it! Well, not really. But a great way to create a vibrant look is to add a small punch of contrasting color within a color scheme, like in the photo below.
Cool color palette gets a pop of contrasting orange.




What’s your experience with color palettes? And how far do you like to go? Window treatments, wall color, upholstery color, all in the same palette typically? What are some variables? We’d love to hear from you in the comment field below!



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